Our Mission:

We firmly believe and adhere to guide children to discover their strengths, and the direction that they are willing to learn and explore. Children gain the ability and method of learning further and facing challenges in the future by our project-based inquiring learning process. Help them to fully prepare for the changing future.

Our Vision:

Establish the largest network of community international schools all over the world,a community of lifelong learners.
Bring out the best quality educational resources to every child. Connect children with the world through our online and offline platforms.

Our R&D Team

As a leading brand of international STEAM education, X SCHOOl’s international STEAM curriculum.
After 7 years of Research and Development in North America, STEAM has joined hands with Harvard University, University of Melbourne and Australian global leadership program to introduce the North America’s first –class international course and teacher training system.
With the help of our high quality and full-time North American instructors, as well as the world’s top teaching facilities and technology, we connect peers from all over the world to help children to become talents who are needed in the future changing world.

From September 2016 to December 2018, X SCHOOL has been operating in China for two and half years. Up to 3000 students and families experienced our teaching and over 1000 students have been studying and improving with us.

In the year of 2018, the renewal rate of 3-6 years old students is up to 90%, and that for 7-12 years old students is up to 80%. In addition to the professional overseas course research and development team, the excellent operation team based in Beijing is also indispensable. The operation team has deeply rooted in the education industry for many years, and it is mainly responsible for the implementation of product experience, which further integrates the international curriculum with the needs of Chinese children.

Angel Lin(AUS):

Serial entrepreneur
Founder of Century Oriental Education
Australian Macquarie university
master of educational administration
teacher of Cambridge TKT English
qualified trainer

Mia. Jing Ran:

CAS(Chinese Academy of Science)
master of childhood developmental
psychology.Manager of course
research and development
department of well-known training
institution in China
10 years working experience
in education industry

Gary. Wen Yu

Partner /product director
of 7-15 years old course

10 years teaching experience
in IB school
Founder of a well-known
maker workshop.
Designated judge of international
make competitions