Helping children to establish
connections to themselves,
other people, the world and

Thinking Structure

Helping children to build a
future-oriented underlying
thinking pattern and apply it
to various challenges.


Detecting the trend of ability
improvement during the growth
of children and finding out the
directions what they are good at
with our professional scientific assessments.

Support System

Supporting children’s personalized learning and development by our both online and offline personalized study centre.


7 - year Research and Development of
International STEAM Courses

At X School, the learning phase is no longer based on age and grade, Instead, we measure based on the
current statue of each learner.
The purpose is to enable learners to constantly try and challenge themselves, and finally discover their
own interests, directions, careers, and lives.


X FUN is a STEAM enlightenment project for children aged 3-6 years with the IB system as the core. It allows children to master core competencies and develop good behavior habits in an immersive English environment. Make sufficient ability and knowledge preparation for primary school.

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X AGENT is a STEAM in-depth inquiry program for children aged 7-12. It allows children to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, History, Global Culture, Economy and Politics through the six story lines of Vanished Inventions, Crash on Planet ZON, The Forbidden Forest, Rescue Mission to Oceania, Saving the Sunseekers, Escaping Egypt, so as to improve their interdisciplinary comprehensive application ability and comprehensive quality in the 21st century.

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X MAKER is a “Creating Everything” course for children aged 5-15. Under the guidance of PM, the students realized the ideas in a logical and planned way through the teaching method of PBL.
The four disciplines include Engineering & Technology, Designing Arts, Film Arts, and Science & Research, which covers 18 fields. Children get the opportunities to try different possibilities and find out their own directions.

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Provide learners with a wide range of quality content,
expand their international vision and discover their
own advantages and direction.


Tina's mom:

My children love the X AGENT course very much, the course content is rich and interesting, and the classroom atmosphere is positive. The Chinese and foreign teachers enthusiastically and patiently teach the children, the theory and hands-on practice, not only improved the English level of the children, also creative ways to master the course knowledge! Learning while having fun! Absolutely will Recommend to other friends.

Rocky’s mom:

Rocky has been studying and living in X SCHOOL for almost a year. He has developed deeper bonds with the teachers at school. Every time he arrives at the school, he is very excited.

While he was less than 4 and half years old, and there were many changes that year. I used to only consider his interest in English, and he now not only falls in love with English, the language, but also enjoys studying the differences between the lainguistic symbols of countries. Now he can write some words or even sentences that he has learned in class. Some words that he has not learned can actually be sounded out on the spot. Occasionally encountering foreigners on the road, he will chat with them enthusiastically. His performance overall is very gratifying. As parents, we are also particularly proud.

Youlanda’s Mom:

We have been studying at X SCHOOL for a year and a half, my child is quite fond of the two teachers very much. Both foreign teachers and Chinese facilitators are excellent.

The course content is quite engaging. The teachers are very nice, very patient and passionate. The overall teaching environment is quiet, and there is a large slide on the campus for children to play. The teaching materials are also creative and beautiful, and the English reading materials are ample and can be read in leisure. I highly recommend my experiences to others.


The ultimate goal of X SCHOOL is to become an international community school for family-oriented lifelong learners.
Allowing the children to discover find what their strengths are, be willing to strengthen the skills, and to increase the comprehensive ability to achieve the goals.
Parents can also become better role models for children to follow.

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