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X SCHOOL is dedicated to provide learners with the best team of PM instructors and community educational facilitators. At X SCHOOL's Learning Center, not only learners are provided with relevant services, also a eco-friendly, warming, LOHAS environment.


School Principal

Job Responsibilities

1、Responsibility for the overall operation and management of the campus, establish a high-quality reputation of the X SCHOOL brand, and ensure the achievement of designated goals;
2、Be attentive to every detail of the campus operation, and take the lead to provide safe and healthy, positive learning and working environment for students and employees. Creating an innovative customer experiences;
3、Work closely with the headquarters teams to ensure that the policies and productivity of the headquarters operations center are well implemented, and continue to enhance effective product marketing and service experience. Provide timely and appropriate feedback to help the company continue to improve its operational capabilities;
4、Manage Chinese and foreign faculty training, according to updated policy guidelines & requirements, supporting Chinese and foreign training participants to effectively achieve X SCHOOL objectives, complete high-quality teaching objectives, facilitating Chinese facilitators to complete the personal renewal goals;
5、Monitor the job performance and performance of the control center through ongoing evaluation, and maintain the abilities to use the analytical instruments such as financial statements, market statements, generating sales reports, and student satisfaction rate reports to ensure the quality of the center;
6、Set an example of sales, service and teamwork to attract high-quality employees to participate, and to achieve high performance through continuous training and effective incentives to lead the campus team;
7、7.Dealing with customer complaints and refunds can turn urgent matters into opportunities, and reverse dissatisfaction to negotiations or compromise. Keep close contact with customers and create a culture of respecting customers and providing a high-quality customer experience in the center;
8、8.Build a new campus and an external marketing network around the campus to prepare a new pool of new students and new parents for campus operations, around each campus Develop TOB partners within a radius of 5 km (not limited to kindergartens and primary schools);

Job requirements

1、1.Love the education impact and have a strong sense of mission to innovation education. Passionate about children and pay attention to the development of children;
2、2.Bachelor degree or above, more than 4 years working experience in quality education fields, 2 years of management experience, training ability and leadership;
3、Excellent problem solving ability and strong coordination ability And comprehensive operational capabilities;
4、with a strong sense of service, teamwork spirit;
5、attention to detail, attitude of honesty and trustworthiness, optimistic and enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, with a strong sense of responsibility and responsibility;
6、6.Linguistic higher abilities in reading and writing, proficiency is preferred;

School Administrative Staff

Job Responsibilities

1、Responsible for the administrative affairs of the relevant campus (consultation inspection and account opening, school district material management, book placement, campus attendance statistics, campus conference notice release, meeting minutes, etc.) and customer reception and sign-in work;
2、Responsible for ensuring campus environmental sanitation , the daily management of cleaning aunts, assisting in dealing with the sudden situation of the school district;
3、Responsible for the electronic equipment broadcast in the hall (large projection and acoustic music system), publicity posters, administrative support for campus promotion activities;
4、Summary market personnel collection Customer information and valid customer information of TMK, information is entered into the system in time;
5、Responsible for the creation of new start-up system, update of student information, collection of student audition appointment information form; timely registration of student registration;
6、Monthly attendance of employees Management, personnel performance accounting assistance, student parent maintenance, employee tooling management;
7、Responsible for school district student contract management, fixed asset management and maintenance;
8、Responsible for relevant school district financial affairs: student collection, parent payment voucher finishing and handing over, Students and school district invoices are issued to assist the school district Gold processing applications and related reimbursement

Job Requirements

1、College degree or above, 1 year relevant work experience;
2、Strong service-oriented attitude, basic computer skills, MS software;
3、Good coordination, communication skills, responsible, positive personality;
4、Mandarin is fluent and intro-level English language usage;
5、Understanding business etiquette and people-person personality;

Course Consultant

Job Responsibilities

1、Actively develop, invite, and receive customer visits to provide a truly high-quality course map;
2、Understand customer needs, to provide professional one-on-one course consultation, communicate course plans, set reasonable course objectives, and provide tailor-made solutions for students;
3、Actively maintain customer relationships, provide a good learning experience, improve customer satisfaction, and help students achieve learning goals;
4、Assist in the admission process and track the teaching process of the contracted students;
5、Establish friendly relations with colleagues, actively communicate, cooperate effectively, and jointly maintain a good working and learning environment;
6、Comply with the company's relevant systems and standard processes to achieve the target performance;

Job requirements

1、love education, love children, and pay attention to the growth of children;
2、Academic qualifications, experience with similar positions is preferred, English is fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and accepts outstanding freshmen;
3、Maintaining strong learning ability, being open-minded, excellent communication skills and teamwork spirit;

Basic quality requirements

1、Standard Mandarin Speaker ;
2、Strong communicative skills;
3、Strong ability to withstand pressure;
4、Friendly attitude;
5、Positive attitude