X FUN is a STEAM initiation course customized for children between the age of 3
to 6 with IB system as the core. It enables children to master core competence and
develop good behavior habits in an immersive English environment, so as to make
full reserves of ability and knowledge beofre entering elementary schools.

Explorative Learning

Helping Children to Improve English
Thinking and Learning Ability

Course System

How We Teach

X school independently researched and developed
the “FIDS” model for children between the age of 3
to 6, aiming to cultivate their abilities of finding and

By attending the diverse challenge contents, students will achieve their full potential of innovation and exploration and fully extend their main thinking dimensions.

Students present the learning results by full cooperation and sharing the results of challenges to build the sense of achievement and confidence.

Guiding students to integrate into the themes and stimulating their interests in learning and self-perception by involving them in the well-designed situational presentations.

Students’ cooperation, communication and other core abilities will be improved in our vivid, interesting and layers of progressive teaching


After a passionate dance with Project mentors, children come to the world of ZOOTPIA and accept an invitation of challenge which is to build a new homeland for our new friends.


In the brainstorm, children state their views to guess where are their new friends home and learn their attributes and habits by observing videos.


Children make full use of the information that’s provided and combine their endless creativities, they build the dream homeland for the lovely animals by themselves.


Share ideas with friends who participate in the project and discuss how to protect our animals.

Works Show

Online Learning Center

Children can preview and review the courses through our online database,
which is easily to extend their knowledge and improve their English levels.

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