X SCHOOL no longer chooses the class system of the traditional industrial era, but establishes a multi-scenario, multi-functional,
borderless education cycle. The learning and teaching environment meets different scenarios such as independent exploration, group
learning, team discussion, and debate under the same roof. And through the online data platform, we are able to record and analyze
student movements and task flows, thus assigning more accurate person specific task recommendations and assessments.

COFCO CampusCo-Sharing

X SCHOOL's first campus is located in the southeast corner of Houshayu Xiangyun Town. Designers from Germany define the theme of the school as a ‘shared’ space, open public events and reading spaces, distinguishing X SCHOOL from traditional training schools. This fully demonstrates X SCHOOL's educational philosophy - sharing space, sharing knowledge, and sharing the world.

Fanhai International CampusConnect

The FANHAI International Campus is X SCHOOL's first attempt in creating a community-based school. The goal of this community-based school is to connect students, parents, and public places in the surrounding community to create co-existing learning space. Continuing the core element of ‘sharing’, the attempt of the FANHAI Campus once again illuminated X SCHOOL's philosophy on education.

Jianwai SOHO Campus Space Quest

The Jianwai SOHO Campus is X SCHOOL’s first Science and Technology Learning Center. We proudly named this campus, with a total area of about 150 square meters, as ‘X SPACE’ and integrated the ‘space’ element into the overall design. In X SPACE, there is no concept of classrooms. Children of different ages will jointly use this space that focuses on technology and maker functions to explore and create the future together.

Wangjing Campus Futuristic Space

The Wangjing Business Center Campus is located in one of Beijing's most prosperous area: Wangjing. This school is developed based on a new attempt of ‘AI Campus’. Various futuristic technologies can be spotted across the campus. Allowing children to use the world's top technologies enhances their comprehensive capabilities to create their own future.

Tongzhou CampusTechno Town

Tongzhou Campus is the flagship campus in Tongzhou Wanda Plaza and is the largest X SCHOOL campus. The campus design was inspired by the concept of ‘a closely knit community’, allowing children to experience a diverse community. Walking in the towns’ relaxed and joyful atmosphere, the public play area, the container stage, and the town center releases the child’s pressure of learning.

Shunyi CampusThrough time and space

The Shunyi Campus is located in one of the largest international STEAM exchange centers in Shunyi District. This 5,000-square-meter venue provides children with open space for activities, exchanges, and art exhibitions, and the entry of X SCHOOL. Bringing in the concept of futuristic science and technology into this art-oriented venue using various exploration themes, the children will discover the multidisciplinary ocean of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics!

Shenzhen Futian CampusCreator Space

Shenzhen Futian Campus is the first science and technology learning space in Shenzhen. We have created the world's top "MAKER SPACE" space, allowing children to use rich black technology elements to create different black technology.